Monday, 26 May 2014

Day 5

Sorry for leaving us suspended in time and space...

This was kind of a boring day, but nice. We went to downtown Metropolis to see the giant Superman statue and the Superman museum store (we didn't pay to go into the museum). Then across a bit of Illinois and across the Ohio and Mississippi rivers into Missouri.

In Southeastern Mo we ate at a Chinese buffet for lunch, and it was good! Each dish had its own flavor! Sorry for getting excited, but the Chinese places here are all just kind of blah.

(I'm working without my notes, as they are in the other room and it hurts to walk)

 We stopped at another small town where the very first Stars and Stripes newspaper was printed (during the Civil War). They had a nice museum there with lots more stuff than I'd expected. Also in town was a city park with playground, frisbee golf, and a few re-located log cabins.

Then on to Ava, where we stayed at yet another Super 8. Those things are everywhere!
 Bridge over Ohio River.
 Girls at the park with covered bridge and log cabin.
All 8 on the playground. Daniel loved the big slide and was up and down it the whole time.


Anonymous said...

Zane and I went to the Laura Ingalls Wilder home in Mansfield, I remember it being a white frame house. Is my memory that bad? lol I'm not sure I have any pictures of it. mums

Wil said...

Looks like that playground got filled up quick. :-)