Tuesday, 13 May 2014

day 3

This is the day that I took the most notes on, and the main aim of our trip. But it is easily summed up.
Having complained about the hotel already, I will just say that the breakfast was sad, and the woman at the front desk, who identified herself as the assistant manager, was the one I'd yelled at out the window earlier. Staff made us wait while they took the elevator up.

We went to the Creation Museum about 10, and it was bigger and nicer than I expected. We left for lunch (Wendy's) and then came back to see the rest of it, as well as a couple of films and a live show. After the show there was a mini book store open to show attendants, and we shopped there awhile. Then we borrowed a wheelchair for Bob and went out to see the large gardens and the petting zoo. It was a long, hot walk. When we were done outside we cooled off for a minute in the lobby and then shopped in the main bookstore until closing at 6.

We had supper at the mall, split between Schlotzky's, Chinese, Japanese, and McDonald's. We had trouble with the interstate again (same deal with the on-ramps going north as going south), but made it back to the hotel in time to watch the video we'd bought and do some packing and planning for the next day.

This night I put my foot down and Ella slept on the futon on the floor, Taryn and Naysha in one bed, and Daniel and I in the other. That worked out much better, and I didn't even hear the airplanes take off, even though the windows are just a single pane of glass thick.

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I've enjoyed reading. Thanks for writing. mums