Monday, 12 May 2014

short version

Yesterday we got home from a 6 day trip. I will write about each day, and hopefully throw in some pictures, but here's the summary.

Monday we left and headed for St. Louis to see the arch. We stayed that night at Super 8 hotel in O Fallon, Illinois.

Tuesday we drove across Illinois, Indiana, and most of Kentucky, arriving at Microtel of Florence, Kentucky for the night.

Wednesday we went to the Creation Museum and stayed a second night in the same hotel.

Thursday we drove south to Lexington and then west through Peducah, Kentucky, spending the night just across the state line in Super 8 of Metropolis, Illinois. 

Friday we made it half-way across Missouri to Ava, where we stayed at a Super 8.

Saturday we visited my cousin's girls and in-laws, and then came on home.

We arrived in Huntsville about 6pm, and my allergies (which hadn't bothered me all week) immediately started acting up. It was good to see our own beds again.

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