Friday, 28 June 2013

Review- Grubs Uptown

One day when we were in town without the girls we decided to try someplace new. We had noticed Grubs Uptown going in near the highway, and it seemed to have a steady crowd, so we checked it out.

We were promptly and cheerily greeted and accommodated. The dining room had several large tvs, each on a different sports channel. We were informed that kid's meals were free with a drink purchase ($2.50). We were not told (and it was not on the children's menu, but was on the children's section of the adult's menu) that the fruit cup option for a side dish was $1.00 extra.
When it was time to order, Riah was the first child next to us. The waitress asked him if he wanted fries, chips, or fruit. I commented that the fruit was extra, so he took chips. The next child was offered fries or chips, but as the waitress traveled out of earshot she again offered fruit. My children like fruit. We took the price difference out of her tip - you don't "upsell" to children.

While we waited we made trips to the bathroom, which was beautifully done in multicolored slate. I don't remember if there was a changing table.

Bob was offered a refill and I asked for one, too, but didn't get it. The next trip I got a refill, but the children's empty cups (lids off and raised to be taken) were ignored. Once, Riah even spoke to her, but stumbled a split second in his wording, so I filled in "drink" - but he still got nothing.

Our waitress was decently dressed, but at least one other seemed to think she was working at Hooters.

Oh, the food.  I ordered a bacon cheeseburger, because the Hawaiian burger cost the same and didn't even come with cheese. The menu boasts the burgers are 1/2 lb, and they are large. The flavor, however, was quite small. There was no seasoning on the meat at all  - I liberally sprinkled mine with salt and pepper (twice), and added ketchup, and it was almost palatable. The slab of meat was garnished with a single leaf of lettuce and 2 strips of bacon (in a big X across the burger, sticking out the sides - pretty that way, but inedible - I took them off, tore them in half, and put them back on, thus messing up the cheese). About halfway through the meal our buns disassociated themselves from the greasy, bland beef and left us to eat the rest without their aid.

The fries weren't terrible, and the dipping sauce provided was interesting if not yummy.

We left full but in no way satisfied.

Good points - it was cheap, and the bathrooms were pretty.
Bad points - the food, the service, the force-feeding of soda to children, the atmosphere.

Urban spoon has a blog linky thing, so here:

 Grub's Uptown on Urbanspoon

they seem to have a more favorable opinion of the place than I do. :/


Wil said...

Agreed: you shouldn't upsell to children. It's bad enough to do it to adults.

Unknown said...

No idea what a Hooters is. Sounds terrible. Out here I think it is actually illegal to upsell to children ~ but then our fast food system works way differently.

Libby has commented that Maccas in Chile is a very different beastie to Maccas in Oz.

So far as I am concerned fast food to make fast money & they are all pretty terrible. Out here as they get slightly more expensive everything else about them generally improves too! The lack of actual salad on my burger makes me irate because salad stuff is cheap to buy & goes a long long way so how hard can it be to put a decent amount on a burger?

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