Sunday, 9 June 2013

it's like an obsession

I drew another house. 3D Home Architect, made in '93, is the only reason I really hate to say my final farewell to my laptop. Everything else (almost) works on the desktop, but it is unique to my laptop among our 5 working computers.

Anyway... here is Mansion.  Some details are hard to get in the program - I hope it's obvious that there are round towers on the two front corners, and they go up all 3 floors. What is not immediately clear is that the center of the house has only 2 floors, each with 14 foot ceilings, so that there are short stairs up (or down) to the wings from the gallery.
I was not precise in some things (like the stairs, fireplaces, and furniture).
Notes made on the plans fill in some details, but you have to use your imagination for others.
I was disappointed in the size of the bedrooms, but over all I think it's interesting.

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