Wednesday, 19 June 2013

short week

So, just to get this "out there" - my best friend thinks that divorce doesn't end a marriage ("in God's eyes") and I am, therefore, an adulterer. Well. She loves me anyway, which says a great deal about her character, I think. For the record, I think marriage is sacred and should be neither begun nor ended lightly. I agree with the stance that 'as a rule' divorcee's should not remarry. However, I believe that God provided exceptions in the Bible, and Bob's experience meets ALL of the exceptions. I studied on this before he even asked me out, and have confirmed it with my parents and several ministers.


We were visiting yesterday and I mentioned that I was running low on clothes, and she took me to her fabric store. I restrained myself and only took two pieces (though Taryn wants to go back and get one for herself). Today I got my sewing machine out. I finished Cedwryck's cape (the one that I promised him 2 years ago). I repaired my skirt (again) that I'd made last year, one of Naysha's dresses, and a pair of pants for William. THEN I made a skirt from the new fabric, but it was slightly transparent, so THEN I made a slip from the unbleached muslin that I'd bout a long while ago. I feel very accomplished!

I've not been sleeping much this week, so there isn't a lot else to report. We did go ahead and pull some onions - some from last year that have doubled and bloomed, and some from this year that are already full-grown. I soon realized that my knives needed sharpening, so I did that, too.  Got two gallon-size freezer bags full of sliced onions, plus a quart of green onion from the tops.

So, that's all I got tonight. I've drifted off a few times but haven't thought of anything else to report.

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Wil said...

I would have said the same thing as your friend 20 years ago. Looking back at my hard-line stances is now a little embarrassing. If even God could make exceptions, then I probably should have too. ;-)

Fortunately, God changed his recommended punishment with the times and adulterers are no longer in need of being bashed to death with stones. Now an adulterer can simply be forgiven, and common sense is allowed now too for special cases. :-)