Monday, 5 March 2012

Lazy post

Last week Bob went down to our friendly neighborhood dairy farm and bought a trailer load of manure. We all worked together to more than double the size of the garden, adding 2 - 3 wheelbarrow loads of manure to each bed. Today I sent Taryn out to take pictures, and this is a sample of what she came back with.

Also, she got the flowers we planted last Fall, down by the road, Elijah, etc.

I'm being lazy and not putting them in order with cute little captions. Forgive me; I'm pregnant and just finished making dinner.


Ganeida said...

Reading. Love the photos.

Anonymous said...

Taryn's doing well with her picture taking. mums

MamaOlive said...

Thank you. She's doing okay! I like that she took about 50 pictures when I sent her out to shoot the garden.

Wil said...

Great looking flowers!

And yes, Taryn's doing well. 50 pictures is a nice amount of images to sift from.

Remind her that many professional photographers will publish *one* image from a photoshoot where they recorded many hundreds of images. ;-)