Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Food part 6 and 7

Yesterday was Elijah's birthday, so we had a few special touches. We flavored our breakfast oatmeal with chocolate chips. $4.

We went out for lunch to Granny's Kitchen (a local "home cooking" place) and it came out to $40.

For supper, we met MIL at her house. She provided all the dinner, and we bought an ice cream cake at Cold Stone Creamery for $33.

Total for the day $77.

We also bought new tires for the van, as the old ones were getting old.

Today we had eggs with our oatmeal - $7.50
Lunch was spaghetti with meat sauce - $9
Supper was Chinese chicken with brown rice, fruit salad, and peas. - $11.50

Total for today - $28

If I've done my math correctly, that puts us at an average of $40 per day for the week. That's pretty close to the national average for food stamp benefits; it's actually over the max for Arkansas. Of course, you couldn't eat out on food stamps, or buy a $30 ice cream cake (you'd have to settle for the $12 one at the grocery store).

Did I learn anything from all this? Well, I learned that eating is expensive, even at home. I learned I'd rather win an argument than have a conversation - it was hard to stick to the facts and not be trying to make some statement. :-)

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Wil said...

Happy birthday, Elijah!


"learned I'd rather win an argument than have a conversation"

I don't believe that about you. :-)

More than most people I know, you seem to be able to attack an idea rationally and see various viewpoints.