Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Sorry for not writing. I have things I want to talk about, but don't seem to have the time lately. Bob's school has become intrusive.

Anyway, I posted this in Facebook today:
Today we took the dog to be spayed. We dropped her off at 7:30am and picked her up at 5:30 pm, so decided to just stay in town all day. Did some Christmas shopping, birthday shopping, grocery shopping... Went to the Shiloh Museum in Springdale. It was a good but tiring day.

Serenity (the dog) is doing fine. When we picked her up, the folks at the clinic showed real affection towards her.

Bob bought his birthday present today - a new guitar case.

We went to Walmart and split up into two groups, so that each child could buy a present for one other child. They had fun with that.

The museum was nice, too, but Elijah was getting very tired there.

Anyway, we're still here. Talk to you soon.


Ganeida said...

Good to know you're still there! ☺

Wil said...

I'm amazed you have time at all for computer-type activities...

I am (slowly) learning to manage my time more wisely.

It's something I need to focus on more intently and analyze a bit more. I need to list the activities that aren't necessary or constructive and spend less time doing those. ;-)