Monday, 7 November 2011

Elijah becomes fashion police

Elijah (who turned 2 today) has appointed himself the fashion police.

I was going to take a shower. I had already taken off all my clothes when the phone rang. It was MIL, calling to tell Bob that her dog who had cancer had been put down. I had a thought, so popped my skirt (with elastic waist) over my head, to come out to tell Bob my idea (that we could bring the dog out here to bury in our pet cemetery). I was covered from my neck down past my knees.

As soon as Elijah noticed me standing there (which was longer than I planned, since as soon as I got out of the bathroom Riah hopped in), he started pointing at my legs. I said, "Leg," trying to teach him the word. He walked around me, pointing and fussing at my legs. Then he pointed at my neck, then at my waist, as if to say "THAT belongs THERE." THEN he began tugging at my skirt hem, to pull it down where it belonged! So I squatted down, letting my skirt cover my legs and feet.

He relaxed and began to play again.

Then, when Riah finally got out of the bathroom and I started back, Elijah chased me down the hall yelling "Leg! Leg!" until I closed the door in his face. He was serious about me being decently dressed!


Wil said...

That's funny. :-)

Rebecca has already started noticing when we leave something undone or in an odd place.

I rarely leave a light on in an unoccupied room. But when I do, Rebecca will return to the doorway of that room and look around, then stare at me quizzically, as if to say, "Are we coming back in here? Or is there some other reason you left the light on?"

Anonymous said...

Yes, funny. But it also makes me very aware that little children notice and/or are aware of a lot more than we sometimes give them credit for. mums