Friday, 27 May 2011

Funny names pt 2

We attend a small, non-denom church. As in, about 45 people on Sunday morning. I happen to think it's odd how many "matching" names we have out of such a small group.

Jan and Janet
Shari and Sherry
Ann and Anna
Velma and Thelma
Wanita and Valita (not sure of the spelling on those two!)
Fay and Floyd (okay, that's stretching it a bit... both are men)
Jim and Jim
Bill and Willie
Kenneth and Kenny (that's not too odd; they are father and son)
Don and Donovan (married to cousins)

And we've finally figured out that cousin Jesse's mom is sister to the man who's wife is sister to his father. :-D


Wil said...

That's quite a few matches for such a small group of people. :-)

MamaOlive said...

And I forgot to add, along with Bill and Willie, our own William.

AND there's a Donald to go with Don and Donovan.

Lots o' matches.