Monday, 9 May 2011


This is long overdue, but I wanted to post about my computer fast/ Bible reading venture. Funnily, I didn't even consider it a fast until Bob preached on fasting the week after I'd finished. It was just this thing I was doing.

I'm afraid to ask what you all would guess I took away from my time in the OT. I know what I would think someone of my temperament would get out of it.

I got a good overview of God's dealing with Israel. How He put up with so much complaining and even arguing/bargaining, but didn't tolerate doubt. I made some nice connections in the timeline that frequently are missed when I just read one story or book at a time.

But the thing I learned personally is to forgive. Specifically that I need to practice forgiveness towards Bob. I had been going around mad at him ALL THE TIME. Every thing he did upset me. So I started with the big things. You know, losing his temper, or stealing the covers at night. ;-) I would make myself say the words in my head, "I forgive Bob for losing his temper." Once I got in the habit or verbalizing exactly what he'd done, and my forgiveness of the act, I found myself forgiving him for things that, really, shouldn't have bothered me at all. "I forgive him for wanting chicken instead of pizza for dinner." Really? That's something I have to FORGIVE??? It was little things like that that made me realize how sour I'd become toward him. Who needed the forgiveness?

As a result of my new habit... Bob didn't start taking advantage of me. I didn't lose out on my rights, or even my desires. Quite the opposite, in fact. I found myself feeling happy. Bob smiled at me more. I even felt more qualified to speak to him about things that weren't going right.

This has been going on for a full month now, so I can't blame the change on hormones or the weather. Forgiveness has really become a habit. As has often been said, forgiving someone who has hurt you doesn't help them; it helps you. :-)


Ganeida said...

Interesting post ~ & interesting results. ♥

Anonymous said...

Another thing God did not tolerate was disobedience. Yes, the other person does benefit from your forgiveness especially when it is family; they get a better 'you.'

MamaOlive said...

"Yes, the other person does benefit from your forgiveness especially when it is family; they get a better 'you.'"

I hadn't thought of that. Thanks!

Wil said...

Forgiving is always easier after time goes by, at least for me.

What's difficult is to forgive someone *right now*, just after the offense has been committed.

I remember in high school when a bully had just hit me, and I responded immediately: "I forgive you"... He never messed with me again. :-)

(I was certainly fortunate; that won't always work...)