Monday, 16 May 2011

forgot I have a blog

well, almost. At least, I forgot I hadn't written anything in a bit.

This week has been rather eventful.

Bob finished the second "chicken tractor" - sort of a coop on wheels. We moved the second set of chicks out, and they have proved not as smart as we hoped. We put them in the nest area, and it was several hours before they made it out to the food and water. Then they wouldn't go back up when it was cold and rainy! Two died one night for no apparent reason. The older chicks are adjusting well.

I went to the doctor and got a shot because the poison ivy was so bad. Good thing is I also got a prescription nasal spray to help with my allergies. With that and the Omega 3,6,9 pills I'm breathing a LOT better than I had been.

We went to Oklahoma (3.5 hour trip) and back in one day to see my brother, his wife, and their new baby. Well, she's 6 months old, but it was her first trip out of Texas. She's very good natured.

We helped MIL work on her new house, putting tile down in the living room. Bob did most of the actual help - I took the little ones and went shopping. :-) I'm mad at Target right now, which puts me in an awkward place because I don't like Walmart in general. So I don't know where to shop! Doesn't matter too much as it will be a while before I want to go again.

We've gone from sleeping with the windows open and fans on to building fires again. And more rain.

There was a family reunion on Saturday.

Today we had church 3 times. In the afternoon we went to the annual "Decoration" service at our local cemetery, where Grandma is buried.

Bob is semi on board with me about giving up sweets. He lost weight working at Walmart, but I have gained since we've been here and it's getting BAD. I'm now officially one of those people that you see and think "If I ever get that fat, glue my mouth shut." Swelling up like a toad with the poison ivy didn't help my looks any, either. At least that's gone down now.

Roses are blooming all across my back fence, and various flowers are showing off all around the yard. I planted zucchini and cucumber, and they have all sprouted.

We've had some nice talks with the children about Bible translations, and why women are curvy.

Elijah still only talks with single syllables that start with "d," but he is becoming increasingly animated and expressive.

See you soon!

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Wil said...

We're so glad all of you made the trip to meet Rebecca. We weren't expecting such a gesture when we planned our trip to Oklahoma, and really appreciated it.

Interacting with your children was the best time Rebecca had during the entire trip. And it took her four days to unwind from all that excitement. :-)