Monday, 30 May 2011

traveling mercies

Every time I hear that phrase (traveling mercies) I'm reminded of a clip from the old Christian teen TV show "Fire by Night." (I tried to find a suitable video online but came up blank). A family was praying before taking a road trip and asked for "traveling mercies" when POOF a couple appeared. The man introduced himself "Hi, I'm John Mercy and this is my wife Sarah. We're the Traveling Mercys." God sent them to go with the family, just like they'd asked. :-D

Anyway, we just had a little trip down to my parents' house, and I wanted to share a few things.

#1. On the way down there we were passed by a car pulling a UHaul trailer, which had been carefully packed with boxes, lamps, a sofa... I know this because they FORGOT TO CLOSE THE BACK of the trailer! Bob had the sense to allow some space between our car and theirs, and we were glad when they exited the highway.

#2. We stopped for lunch at Hardee's (hamburger/fast food joint). As we were starting our meal a man who had finished eating stopped by our table, said "I've been looking for a sign; here's your money," and handed Bob $100. We were flabbergasted and barely squeezed out a "thank you" before he left.

#3. Sorry, I forgot this one. Anyway, we made it down and back in safety. Our chicks and cat are doing well, but very happy to see us.

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Wil said...

I'd forgotten all about "Fire By Night". I don't remember that particular episode, but now I remember the show...

Mom told me you drove down for the weekend. I'm very happy that all of you were able to make it yet again. I know Mom and Dad really appreciate every visit from the Morrows -- perhaps even more so because you spent so long overseas. :-)