Wednesday, 23 March 2011

planting a hedge

OR How many birds can you kill with one stone, anyway?

Yesterday I finally decided to plant my privacy hedge. See, I'd come to appreciate hedges while we were in England, and our current situation could really benefit from one. I'd bought the shrubs a few weeks ago (some here, some there), and they'd been sitting around waiting for me. They had to wait a little longer, as I made the boys clean their room before we went out.

We all went outside together after lunch, and it was pretty warm (about 80*F) by then. SO bird #1, "sweat" (weight loss) and bird #2, "tanning" were on their way down.
Bird #3, of course, was the actual planting of the 11 shrubs. Birds 4 and 5 were just too convenient to miss - the rocks that we dug up were sent to fill in the driveway, and the sod that we dug up was sent to fill in low spots in the yard. As it worked out, I also pulled my back about halfway through the job, so I get to walk funny and be felt sorry for.

Anyway, pictures:


Anonymous said...

Looking good! Now to did up the Nandina from the middle of the yard to add to the hedge. Mothers can always think of more work to do. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your back. That's no fun. mums

Wil said...

Sorry to hear about your back.

I have no excuse; I'm just out of shape. Three days ago I pulled crab grass for about 10 minutes. My thighs are still sore. :-(

Ganeida said...

OK, I'm no yankee, so what's the names of your shrubs? They look really pretty. ♥ Ditto back. How do you play the sympathy card. It never works in this house. ☺

MamaOlive said...

The shrubs are wisteria (not really a shrub, but will make a blob if left to itself), Burford Holly, English Variegated Boxwood, Pieris (this is the one I got close up), Japanese Holly, rhododendron, and Forsythia.

Well, I played my back for a laugh more than for sympathy. It's back to its normal achy self now.