Tuesday, 18 August 2009

found the keys

Bob has been riding his bike to work.

Yesterday before he left, he aired up his tire, using the compressor that's built into the van.

Last night (this morning) when he got home, he couldn't find his keys. He emptied his backpack on the porch. He flashed his light up on my window. He knocked. He walked around checking all the doors and windows (locked - rather unusual, actually). He knocked really loudly; I woke up and let him in.

Today he wasn't feeling terrific and decided to drive the van. Still couldn't find his keys, so I gave him mine. Got all his gear in the van, and there were the keys. In the ignition, still turned to accessory mode (needed to run the compressor). So naturally the van battery was dead.

We tried to jump it with the portable battery thing, but it wasn't strong enough. So he took the minibus.

A frustrating start to a work day, but at least he found his keys.


Misty said...

Oh my goodness! Something like that happened to us, but we found the keys hanging in the front door lock-OUTSIDE! Talk about an angel watching over us........

Anonymous said...

I have a few key stories. Maybe I need a blog, ha. jc