Sunday, 16 August 2009

Sunny Sunday

We had a good church service this morning, though it seemed extra long. My hips hurt so I could not be comfortable, I was hot and thirsty and sleepy. But I did hear from the message that I need to stop using my flaws as excuses for not doing what I'm called to do, but rather need to use my calling as motivation to correct my flaws.

After church (I nearly ran out of the building for fresh air and a drink) we went to the BX for lunch at Pizza Hut. They were having an extra 40% off clearance clothing, so we decided to go ahead and look around. I found a top for me, and nothing for anyone else. We needed fingernail clippers, and on the way to that area I was waylaid by the store manager to complete a survey. 10 minutes, and get a $5 off coupon. Bob said he'd get the shopping and I could do the survey, so I did. I told them the store is too small, crowded, doesn't have what I need and charges too much for what they have. :-) Not that I'm critical.

That all done we stopped by the house to use the toilets and get comfy shoes for Taryn, and then went on to Barton Mills for a boot sale. It was a big sale; lots of vendors. The sun came out right as we got there, but it was breezy so not hot. We bought a little sewing machine, two pair of jeans for the boys, a stuffed giraffe, dress, jacket, and roller skates for Ella (birthday coming up), 5 pair of socks for William, a book for Bob and I, a dress-up chain mail and crusader shirt with helmet and shields for the boys, and a set of England-made dishes, including tea pot, sugar and creamer. Upon hearing comments from Riah and Ella, we were given a bag of local apples and a pogo stick. Whew. What a deal - total price 16.50GBP.

Then we came home, napped, cleaned, and cooked. The family is waiting for me to have Bible time, so I guess it's bye for now.


Anonymous said...

Your boot sales sound fantastic.jc

Anonymous said...

Now that I've been there, I know what the boot sales are. Good shopping! Wish I'd known you needed fingernail clippers, I would have left the ones we brought with us. Before our trip, I broke a clipper and bought a replacement. Then clippers started turning up all over the place -- really weird, since they are always kept in each bathroom cabinet! We have 4 or 5 fingernail clippers now. mums