Tuesday, 11 August 2009

missing them

William just realized today that Gram and Papa aren't here. We went to the breakfast table and he asked, "Papas? Dram?" I told him they went home and he mourned until his food was ready.
Yesterday Ella asked about them. I told her they went back to Oklahoma, and she heaved a big sigh and said she wanted them to come back here.
At least we have the immediate hope of talking to them again on the phone, and before long in person.

My friend's mother went home permanently after a bad reaction to surgery. How hard that must be to explain to her young children, when she is mourning herself. God be with Misty and her family.


akitchenqueen said...

Shari, You are an awesome friend. Thanks for mentioning my mom. Can I come and cry on your shoulder when it finally hits me?

MamaOlive said...

You are welcome anytime. I really do hope to see more of you once you get moved out here.
Sounds like you are handling things very well so far.