Monday, 24 August 2009

figured I'd better check in

Thursday was Ella's 3rd birthday. Bob usually has 2 hours at home with us during the week, so he asked us to hold off the festivities until Friday, which was a day off.

Friday, which was also my dad's birthday, we celebrated. The girls all dressed up, so I took Ella outside first thing to take her picture, knowing that the look wouldn't last. (I used Bob's camera, so they got posted to his Flickr.) Then after Bob got up we went to NYPD for lunch. That's New York Pizza and Deli. Had pizza, not as good as the Great Little Pizza Place, but still okay. We were almost finished when my cousin-in-law's friend and her daughter came in. We are friends on Facebook, so I recognized her from her pictures and called out to her. It was nice to meet in person.

We went home for cake and ice cream, and then the little ones took a nap. After naps we did a pinata - not easy when you have no trees. Bob rigged up a rope to the drain pipe, with me holding the other end. It worked, except that the pinata hanger broke off before the candy spilled out. Then we had chicken wings and Hawaiian bread for dinner, followed by presents and more cake.

Saturday we went out to Bury St Edmunds to take pictures. A guy from Bob's work is getting married there this Friday (also a day off work) and wants Bob to do some pictures in the gardens afterward. So Bob wanted to scout out some locations and try some poses. We decided we may as well go for it and get portraits of the children while we were there, so we dressed them all up in their Sunday best. People wondered about us as we marched through the gardens with a suitcase, a stroller, a stepladder, and all these fancy children. It was a fast 2 hours, and we learned a lot (mainly that it's hard to get good pics at 3pm on a sunny day).

Sunday Bob didn't get up til nearly 11, so we missed church. We did go to Brandon in the PM, though, thinking we could walk along the river there. But you really can't. We got some takeaway and made the most of what we had.

what else?

I've been working on my cookbooks some more. Cut up 25 magazines, and am taping the recipes onto notebook paper to put in binders. Nothing worse than knowing you have a recipe and not being able to find it.

My hips have been giving my fits all week; indigestion is bad; can't sleep worth anything. I had some blood work done and it turns out my iron is low, so I've been taking vitamins again. Only 2 1/2 months to go!!!!

I've been pulling onions from the garden. No prizewinners, but some aren't bad sized. This morning I dead-headed the marigolds and weeded the strawberries out front.

Guess that's about all. We need to socialize a little. And make plans for Labor Day weekend.

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