Thursday, 7 May 2009


Yesterday I went for my ultrasound, which is known over here as a scan.

To be honest, I was a little worried, going in. At first, I'd had a funny feeling it was twins. Something had brought the idea to my head way early in the pregnancy, and then the symptoms have been so bad... And lately I've started to worry that I haven't felt movement yet...

So it was a relief when the woman flipped the monitor around and said, "One baby, with a heartbeat." Little one was laying all stretched out on his/her back, kicking away at my bladder. I don't know if it was that the machine was pretty clear, or just the unique posture of this child, but Bob and I both felt a lot of personality coming through. No confirmation on gender, but whoever this child is, it sure is a cute one.

That part of the day went quickly, and the children were well accommodated for (as opposed to American prenatal visits). But then I went to have blood drawn, and there was quite a waiting list there. So Bob took the children out to the van to watch a movie while I waited. I hate having blood drawn, and it took awhile to get myself calmed down. Then I went back, and the woman was fussing at me for the way in which my midwife had filled out the form. Um, this is something I know nothing about and have no control over. I was afraid she would be rough because she was upset about the paperwork, but it was the gentlest stick I've ever had. Didn't even feel it when she switched vials on me.

After that we had lunch and bought a new shower curtain, then come home for naps.
After naps we took off to Peterborough to look at a "minibus" we'd seen on Ebay. It was 1 1/2 hour drive, and we didn't get the van. It was older, and had a few issues, and the guy wouldn't negotiate on his price. On the way home we stopped a few times to take pictures, and to use the toilet at a kebab place (Bob got a doner kebab and it was gross to me, but he ate some of it). Home for bed.

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