Sunday, 24 May 2009

other weekend news

Saturday we had a yard sale, and got rid of a bunch of stuff, and made nearly $100. Cool. Also, Bob grilled cheddar wursts and hot dogs for lunch.
At 1, I went to my neighbor's Tupperware party.

Today I discovered my first pea! I took a picture.

Friday the girls came down from their room very excited. There was a baby bird on their window ledge. Apparently there is a nest in the gutter above their window, and this youngster (had some feathers and some fluff) had fallen out or missed while flying back up. Anyway, there it was, cheeping away. It seemed agitated by our presence, so I closed the blinds. After a while the girls looked and it was gone (no splatters on the patio beneath, either). Whew. I'm glad it didn't come in. I didn't get a pic of that.

William is beside himself as he hasn't napped today. I better go feed him. :-)

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Ganeida said...

Birds I can deal with but we had a bat Saturday night. The cat went ballistic...