Saturday, 15 November 2008

just stuff

Thursday was the homeschool group's Thanksgiving party. I took the sugar cookies to paint as a craft and snack. There were several other crafts there, including noodle necklaces, leaf rubbing, and foam stuff ordered from Oriental Trading Company. Somehow I got the idea, and it worked out really well, to have a set up for each person. So when I arrived I set a table with paper plates, and on each plate was a cookie, a paintbrush, and 4 mini-muffin liners each about half-full of different colored frosting. For about an hour I was busy setting out new plates and rinsing out paintbrushes.
In between busy times at my table, I chased William and Ella, helped Riah with a craft, and visited a few minutes with the other ladies. After the first hour we were called to the other room for a skit the teens had been working on. They were all just reading their lines, but it worked out pretty well.

After the party we went to the commissary for a "few" things that added up quickly. I got all expensive stuff - diapers, batteries, meat... At the checkout (we did self check because the children think it's fun) I saw a barrel of candy bars - Big Mo' - have you seen it?- for 5 cents each. So I got a couple, and told Bob about it later. He went back yesterday and bought 15 of them. :-) I try to not buy much because I have no will power about eating it, but he is able to just have a bite a day.

Yesterday Bob took a crock pot of chili (that I made) to work for a chili cook off and dinner to raise money for his squadron. He said it was good, but very little else. So I guess I didn't win. Can't be good at everything. :-)
It was sunny and warm yesterday! I went out in just my short sleeve shirt, but the little ones did wear a jacket. The children played in the leaf pile and I trimmed the hedges. They will be good for the rest of the season now. Naysha took the old camera outside and started snapping - when they came in and loaded the pictures up there were about 250 of them! Maybe 20 are really good.

This morning Bob and I both woke up about 5-5:30, and it's just as well. At 6 Bob got a call from work. One of his airmen got a DUI (driving under the influence) this morning. The man's supervisor was supposed to go meet with him, the "first shirt" and the commander, but when Bob called the supervisor, he was in Dover for the weekend. So guess who got to dress up and go in to work. Yay! Anyway, maybe it won't take all day and we'll still be able to go walk through the "holiday bazaar" at Mildenhall. Or something other than sit around all day.

Bob got an email from his mother last night, saying she and her hubby are planning to come over in June. He was pleased to hear it. The children will be "over the moon" (as they say around here) to see Nana.


Anonymous said...

That's great that Bob's mom can come. Bill & Sherry better get on the calendar. jc

Dawn said...

You got a good deal on that Big Mo candy! I've never heard of those before.
Mmmmm chilli....I should whip up a batch in the near hubby likes the canned chilli just the same so we'll see who wins, homemade or canned. :-)
It's 37 degrees outside my door here in Texas. Supposed to warm up to 74 today.
I still haven't turned the heat on yet though, I just walk around the house, just kidding, it's not that bad in here at all.

That's awesome your inlaws will be coming for a visit next year! I always wanted my mom to come to Germany and she wanted too but didn't have the funds.
Now we are trying to get her to save to come to Texas next year.

Hope you are well!

Sunday blessings,

Ganeida said...

I wish I knew enough homeschoolers IRL to do fun stuff like this.

Please link to me from here. That's blog no.2 down the gurgler. I worry about me, I really do. Not thast I mind moving house but I want all my friends to come too! :)

Ganeida said...

And what's happened to *Ginger*? I used to link to her sometimes from you & now she's done a cyberspace bolt.

MamaOlive said...

Hey, Dawn, good to hear from you again. Sounds like you have plenty going on in Texas. Home ownership is a whole new world.

I've updated your link in my bookmarks, just not on my sidebar yet. Will do as soon as I'm done replying.
GingerPie went private and didn't invite me, so I deleted her link. I think she had some trouble with people from some forum or something. Shrug. I hate losing people but there's nothing I can do. Tomato Soup Cake knows her IRL, right? (If you wanted the dirt...) I'm just a lurker. :-)

Ganeida said...

Oh, I'm a lurker, & I rarely posted because I wanted to disagree too much & hey, it was her blog, but it was somewhere I went when I wanted a heart starter, you know! ;D

Link to the new blog please. My frind Kimba, at Kamblings says she gets taken to a brothel!!!!when she links to the old site. Who knows. I can still get in but everyone else is having trouble.