Friday, 7 November 2008


Thanks, Mom, for emailing me about my last post. Maybe I should have clarified a bit...

I don't think McCain winning would have been any better, and in some ways would have been worse as it would have continued the Christians' complacency. The only hope for real change in American policy would have been in a third party (which is funny that I continue with the false name "3rd party" as there are at least 5 national parties). But such is life.

On a more interesting note, (Aren't you glad I'm not egotistical?) I drove myself and the 6 children to Tesco yesterday. HA! I tried to order online, as I've done before, but when I hit the "checkout" button, half my stuff jumped out of my shopping basket.I went and got it again, and the same thing happened a second time. So I decided I'd just have to go.
I thought it would be less crowded in the morning than at dinner time, but it wasn't.

I got a wide parking spot in the "parent and child" lot behind the store, and grabbed two carts (here they are called trolleys). One baby and one boy in each cart, and away we went. It was quite an adventure, lasting over an hour, but we made it out with everything on our list (despite having left the actual list at home) except for the cheap bread, which they were out of. The bread isle is set up funny. Instead of shelves with a place for each brand, they have rolling stacked carts. So if one gets low they wheel it out and put something else in its place. As a result, the bread isle always has someone working in it, and nothing is ever in the same place (compounded by the ceiling support post on that isle) so bread is hard to find at best. But I'm quite sure they were out of the cheap whole wheat bread.

Another thing that is kinda funny, which we've been noticing since we got here but have just started to put together, is the ... selfishness of people. I don't know what else to call it. I think they think it's respecting privacy or something, but people just pretend like they don't see anyone else. When someone wants to stop and think about a purchase, they park their cart in the middle of the narrow isle and stand beside it so that no one can go around. Then, as I'm standing back, waiting for them to get done and move out of my way, another person will come up the isle, maneuver their way around me (as if it was my fault) and all but bump into the isle-blocker, thus making it more difficult for them to get out of the way (if they should ever happen to do so). They drive the same way.

Well, I can't remember if that was the caboose to my train of thought, but it has now jumped the tracks.

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