Sunday, 2 November 2008

goings on

Sorry I am so long between updates.
Bob had off Friday and we went to Norwich. We took the park and ride, and walked to the market and over to the cathedral. After that we drove on out to Great Yarmouth and looked at the ocean and had dinner. It was a fun day with lots of walking. I'm just not feeling very talkative right now.

Saturday Bob fixed the light in the boys' bedroom (They'd pulled it out of the ceiling), the baby bed (the hinges had been bent and so the flap wouldn't stay up), and the VCR (it had a giant crayon, a paper, and a flower in it and so wouldn't play right). hmm. I guess we aren't perfect yet. :-/
Then we went to the base and did a little shopping.

Today we went to Brandon Full Gospel church again. They are a little excited about their children's programs, but if we can get past that we might have a winner. I could really feel the Spirit there today. I know that's a dumb thing to say, as God's Spirit is wherever His people are, feeling or not, but however you want to put it, I was glad to be there. :-)

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