Sunday, 12 April 2015


I'll try not to give a narrative, as I want to remember the facts!

Ruth lacks a week of 7 months, and her favorite pastime is standing up. SHe pulls up on everything and tries to walk by looking intently at her goal and flapping her arms.

April 1st we drove to Sallisaw, Oklahoma, and bought a 12 week old standard poodle. She is officially Naysha's dog, and is already house-broken, comes when called, sits on command (for Naysha) and is learning to heal, stand, fetch, and stay. She had been kept in a pen of shavings in a garage, so that makes the learning all the more impressive. She doesn't cry all night any more, but still wakes us up early in the morning.

Resurrection Day was a lot of fun. Riah and others got a Mario Bros chess set, and they are all learning how to play. Ced got a Knex roller coaster, and William got an Angry Bird flying swimmer. There were lots of books, water bottles, Bible covers....

We went to the Medieval Fair in Norman this year and got some new costume gear.

gotta go.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, impressive about the dog. She's really beautiful.
Makes me smile picturing Ruth standing. :)
Love, mums