Sunday, 26 April 2015

Look what I did

 Okay, so I can't get the text above the pictures. hmm?
Anyway, I was web-surfing the other day and found this "blog"

The author there has many fun and interesting ideas/experiments etc. I browsed through and opened a dozen tabs of things that looked interesting and/or doable.

And THEN, I - I don't do crafts - me, did something!!! I had a package of Navy beans (which are white, by the way) and food coloring, so we did colored beans. It's very simple. 1 cup of beans, 15 drops food coloring, shake for 20 seconds (in a baggie or storage container); leave to dry on paper towel. That's it.
The children thought it was VERY interesting that I would do such a thing. They have had fun playing with the beans every day since.
I'm so proud of myself that I bought liquid starch to try the slime recipe soon.


Wil said...

One of my Flickr friends sent me the link to this site (or one very much like it) last year, but I admit I just scanned it and moved on...

Perhaps now I will try something. :-)

Anonymous said...

Cool! mums