Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Just as I logged in to write, Google popped up a thing for me to search for a domain name and "connect instantly." So I searched for "In the olive grove" and it came up with various versions of "inCambridge" (.net, com, etc). It wanted me to buy a name, so I said no thanks, but why does it think "olive grove" sounds like "Cambridge?" (Insert smiley face that scratches its head.)

We have decided on a flooring for the living room. We may eventually cover the whole house with it; not sure exactly what Bob thinks about that, but that is my "plan." Practicality took precedence over ideals, and we picked out a decent-looking laminate that's only 99cents per square foot and has a 30 year warranty. Yes, real wood lasts a lifetime, but has to be nailed down, and with our circus (I mean, family) it would have to be refinished every year. The laminate will "float" over a thick pad that should absorb noise, moisture, shock, and temperature.

Having made that decision we are starting to trim the living room (window sills and such - of course the baseboard will wait until the floor is in). Bob plans to go tomorrow to a mill in Mulberry to pick up some cedar boards for that project. He kept wanting to buy some at Lowe's, but I finally convinced him to look at it, and a board that costs $8 at Lowe's is $2 at the mill. And when you're getting 30 of them, it's worth the trip (even if you have to dig the trailer out of the mud to use it for said trip).

Yesterday we spent all day in town. This was partly to allow the root killer we poured down the drain a chance to work, and partly to get stuff done. We went to Lowe's, Sam's, two parks, the allergy clinic, and an auction. At the auction we bought a gorgeous roll-top desk, for something like 20% of its original store price. It should replace our old red, sticker-covered, half refinished desk that we've had for 12-15 years (depending on if you believe Bob or me about when we got it). The red desk is very much like the red desk my parents have had my whole life, so in a way I hate to see it go, but the roll-top is definitely a step up.

This week Ruth got her two bottom teeth and learned to sit herself up. She is already showing signs of wanting to pull up, though she is very unsteady on her feet when we hold her in a standing position.

At Lowe's yesterday Daniel asked where we were going, and I said we were going outside (garden center). He looked upset, so I asked if he didn't want to go outside. He said, "No, because I am hungry. I am NOT tired." He is very good at talking about his feelings, and will often refuse to answer a question because "I'm mad!" If anyone cries he will ask them if they are fussy. He's doing this less now, but if I laughed at something he would ask "Are you funny?"

We also bought 2 maple trees. I hope they do well; I've always liked maples, and we need a couple of shade trees.

That will have to do for now. Typing makes my pinky sore. :) I think I need a new keyboard.


Wil said...

Sounds like a busy day.

Typing sometimes makes my pinky sore too -- I think it's because I type incorrectly, or my hands are too wide, or something... I'm always using the outside edges (instead of the fingerprint side) of my pinkies to hit those outside keys.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe that Ruth is 6 months old already!
I know you will be so glad when the living room finished.