Thursday, 12 March 2015

drs and shops

I didn't say anything before, because I didn't know what to say about it, but:

Recently (I think it was before the quick trip to OK) I went to my doctor to discuss a mole that worried me. Its growth was recent, and it seemed to be growing, though I didn't have evidence to prove it. (I'd talked about taking a picture, but never did.) Then it started itching, which is a bad sign, so I made an appointment. I didn't know what the doc would do, if anything. She cut it out, right there in the office, and sent it to the lab. I wondered. I checked my online medical records. I waited. Then got a call that the pathology report "showed some changes" and I should see a dermatologist.

Monday, while I was shopping (more about that later), the dermatologist called and scheduled an appointment for today (Wednesday). So this morning I got up early (after staying up late and getting up 3 times with Ruth), skipped coffee, forgot vitamins, and drove to Springdale in dense fog. Naysha went with me to look after Ruth. Filled out paperwork and went back to the doctor. He asked if I had the report, and I said I though he had it. So they called my PCM, faxed over a consent form, and got the nurse to read the results to them over the phone. I think he said it was a "Dysplastic nevi," but on the mild side. He said it wasn't "pre-cancerous", but was considered a marker for melanoma, so I need to stay vigilant, but not worry.

Seems like the PCM could have called him for his opinion and just relayed it to me, rather than refer me to them for an office visit. Oh, well.

It just so happened that I saw an ad in the paper yesterday for clinical trials for a new acne product, and it happens to be run by this same dermatologist's office. So I signed Taryn up to be screened to see if she's bad enough to qualify.

This week is a Rhea Lana sale. Children's consignment, done every couple of months. That's where I was Monday, with all the girls and Daniel. We got Taryn's allergy shots, went to Sam's, then to the sale, where Taryn locked the keys in the van. Bob took the boys to change the oil in the car (free changes for life at the lot where Zach bought it) and was at an auction when we discovered the key problem. So he came to rescue us, about a 40 minute drive across Sunset/412 in evening rush hour traffic, but wasn't too put out since the auction was unbearable anyway.

At the sale I found 8 dresses and 4 pajamas for Ruth, 4 dresses and 3 tops for Ella, 4 pair pants for Cedwryck, a dozen books, an Exersaucer for Ruth (she loved it! - stood in it and cackled the whole time we were waiting for Bob), and a Fisher Price barn for Daniel. I was going to save it for a gift, but he saw it and was insistent on having it. All for $148.

Today, as the Dr wasn't far from the sale, we went back. Got a couple of pants for Riah, some toys for Ruth, and 5 brand new card games; less than $20.


Wil said...

Yes, it seems a little silly that the dermatologist just heard the results over the phone and formed an opinion, when they could have done it the other way. Just one of many ways our medical system is messed up in this country. Reminds me of my friend who had a broken foot, set up an appointment to get something done about it, but at the appointment they just told him he had a broken foot and referred him somewhere else. He refused to pay, and won in small claims court -- which should have been unnecessary.

Glad your mole was fine. I should probably have a few of mine checked out, I know. And a couple of them have irritated me for 30 years -- because of where they are, and I should just get them removed. Taking care of myself is one area in which I procrastinate too much. :-)

Anonymous said...

Glad you found out about the mole even though the extra doctors visit was irritating.

Great finds at the sale!

Oh don't you hate locking keys in the car/ losing keys!


MamaOlive said...

Thanks, Mom.

Wil, I encourage you take the step to get yourself looked at. The procedure was fairly quick and painless. I have been reluctant to "take care of myself" in the past, but am working to overcome the victim mentality and just do it.

Wil said...


I am working to overcome the "I can't afford it" mentality that I had for so many years. I have to constantly remind myself that (a) I have insurance now and (b) I actually *can* afford it. :-)