Friday, 10 May 2013

Last week

I thought last week was kinda interesting, so wanted to blog about it.

Monday we went into town. We dropped the tile saw at MIL's for their project, then took a load to Goodwill. Next we went to Metro Appliance to look at dishwashers. In my research I'd heard good things about Maytag and Whirlpool (and Bosch, but their tines are so close together that I don't think my dishes would fit), so we focused on them. Our examinations led us to see that Maytag and Whirlpool are made by the same company (this was confirmed). We picked out a Maytag that would suit us, but as they didn't have it in stock we went on to Sears to compare. On the way there one of the children asked why we were going there and I said "Maybe they will have the perfect dishwasher with extra features that is on clearance for 1/2 price." So they had the same Maytag as Metro, but at a higher price, and a Whirlpool slightly less that looked good enough, so we were about to buy it even though the top rack wasn't adjustable. Then I turned around and saw a Kenmore on clearance for 1/2 the original price. Turns out it is manufactured by Maytag as well (has the same wheel assembly and top sprayer), though it had a Kenmore-exclusive bottom sprayer. It lacked one wash cycle of the Maytag, but did have an adjustable top rack, and was cheaper, and we could take it home today. So we did. :)
While we were at Sears, we looked at shoes (since all the children need new ones again). After much looking and trying on, Riah, Ced, Ella, and William each had a pair picked out. Ced liked Riah's shoe, too, but really liked the style he picked out. It was marked $5 more than Riah's, but he insisted he liked it more than he would like the others plus $5. Then when we checked out, it rang up at just over 1/3 the marked price, so it was actually cheaper than the other we'd tried to talk him into. (They should really work on their signage! Last time we bought something at Sears, it was a jacket for Naysha that rang up much cheaper than it was marked. If people knew things were that cheap, they'd buy more stuff.)
Then we went to Sams club for groceries, then to a fabric store so I could get material for Cedwryck's tabard and cape to match the ones I made for Riah and William 2 years ago.
If we went anywhere else I didn't write it in my notes, so that was Monday.

Tuesday Bob went to install the dishwasher, and had to go to town for a part. Finally found it, came home, and broke the part trying to attach it. So we all went to town (Huntsville) and he bought it again, and we did some other stuff (dinner, maybe?), then came home and I "helped" him install it by hanging out on the dirty floor. Every time I'd lay my head on the floor, whatever he was hung up on would suddenly work out. :)

Wednesday we got up early and went to Little Rock, to have Riah's heart checked at the Children's Hospital. His apt was at 1pm, and we were there until 4:30. For some reason they didn't schedule an MRI this time, only the EKO, but the Dr. wanted an MRI. So he said they schedule one for the first of June, but so far we haven't received notice of an appointment. Anyway, there was 1mm of change in the valve. They are basically watching and trying to decide when to act. Every time we go they say come back soon and we'll decide what to do. This time they also prescribed some medicine to lower his blood pressure, even though it's already low, to reduce stress on the valve.
On the drive I was enchanted by the masses of red clover that has been planted along the highway - there's been some in LR area for at least 15 years, but we've never had any up here before, and it's nice. I also had time to reflect on how grateful I am for having the opportunity to drive in England. There is such a difference in attitude, and with the greater density of traffic there, that's a good thing. Here, we are taught "defensive driving" - always check your mirrors, try to anticipate what the other drivers are going to do, etc. This (combined with learning to drive in San Antonio, where gang violence is a real possibility) led me to drive worried. Don't make the other guy mad, don't let them tailgate, keep up with traffic flow, always know exactly where you are going... In England I learned to relax while driving. There the attitude seems to be each driver is responsible for doing what's right, and everybody else can deal with it. With the added practice of "keep moving and get out of the way." I didn't worry about getting lost there, and I learned to not drive in my rear-view mirror. If I want to go slow, the person behind me can slow down or go around; it's not my problem. Viola! I enjoy driving now.
We made it home 14 hours later and went to bed.

Thursday Bob and I worked on his school all day.

Friday we went to town again, taking Bob's crashed computer to the repair guy, to Goodwill again, to a Hastings that is closing, stopped to visit with SSon at a gaming store, and for DIY frozen yogurt at 3 Crazy Berries - we had great sundaes from a myriad of choices, for just a little more than it would be for hot fudge at McDonald's.

Saturday I think we all just kept trying to do something and it didn't work out.

Sunday was church, then out for lunch where we bumped into an acquaintance who paid for our dinner.  By Sunday PM our colds had strengthened to the point that I stayed home with Elijah. (I think we're on the mend now.)


Anonymous said...

How's the dishwasher working out? and did Bob get his computer fixed? Thought of these questions after we got off the phone! Glad your blog reminded me of them. mums

MamaOlive said...

dishwasher is good. plan to review it later.
The computer works fine now; there was some virus that snuck past Avast.

Wil said...

Thanks for the stories... Our dishwasher (cheapest possible one the builders could find, I think) is starting to act up a little, but still gets the job done.

Marline's urging me to start shopping for a new one... I think we should wait until after the furlough (Sequester). By the way, the furloughs have been pushed back again; as it stands now, we'll be furloughed during her maternity leave; not sure how they're going to handle that.