Saturday, 18 May 2013


Bob woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday and we would be in a dead run all day.  Once we convinced him it was Friday things calmed down. :)

I wish I could find time to write during the day. I do get computer time when Daniel's nursing, but it's hard to type a long entry with one hand. And when he goes to sleep at night I'm pretty worn out and can't think well (like now).

I want to do a proper review of the new dishwasher, among other things. For now I will say that we like some things better than the old one, and some things less. The main thing we like is that so far it still runs.

Bob's computer fritzed again, so he took it to Fayetteville again today. They did give a 30 day warranty, so should be no charge.

I've planted some flowers...

We organized all our movies and CDs. THe last time we did a thorough CD organize was when were in Iceland. Um, that's 13 years ago. (Still have a lot of the same albums.) We've since acquired a whole new genre - Gospel/bluegrass. Bought 2 new CD album/organizer/cases and got rid of 4 paper grocery sacks full of media we didn't want and plastic cases we don't need. Took a shelf out of the living room.  Will rearrange everything else before too long, I'm sure.

Bob actually got an 'A' on his photo history class. I didn't think we'd pull it off because of the research and writing required; it was a full-time job, but we made it and I'm glad. It wasn't anything that will help Bob with his pictures, but I learned some interesting things. One photographer we studied was Lewis Carroll, and it made me want to read some of his stuff (Don't know if I've read Alice or not, but there's other things I know I've not read).

Trying to find flowers on Mother's Day made me miss England, with their flower stands everywhere. I'm trying to figure WHY they buy and sell more flowers than we do, but that aside, it's a lovely custom. There, every gas station has a rack of bouquets; every grocery store; every highway! Here, I've seen the following sold from a van on the side of the road, but never flowers: produce, tacos, shoes, blankets, flags, rocks, puppies, honey and jam, furniture, tools...

NWA isn't too far off (from England) on the scenery, especially this year with all the steady rain, and lots of wildflowers and green everywhere, but there are other things like chiggers and stickers and Tesco home delivery... sigh...


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Bob (and you, as I take it to be a joint effort) on the "A".

Oh, the flowers of England -- I miss them too!

Wil said...

In Oklahoma, I used to see pocketknives and swords being sold on the side of the road. :-)

That's a good question though -- why they sell/buy more flowers... You'd think that would be right up Americans' alley -- we love to buy pretty things that aren't terribly useful and that won't last very long. :-)

MamaOlive said...

Thanks, Wil. I know they grow a lot of flowers there, but we do, too (or at least did, until the government began subsidizing flower growers in South America). I wouldn't think they generally have more disposable income, as salaries are much lower than ours, housing is higher, and groceries are about the same.