Friday, 24 May 2013

I drew another house plan. I turned on the dryer as we were leaving the other day and thought, "what if the house burned down?" and this plan came to me.
That's a 36" pro stove, and double full size built-in fridges, plus a freezer. Yeah, I'm dreaming. Each small bedroom has a walk-in closet plus a small closet; there is a porch across the length of the front of the house, with an entry door into kitchen or main entry way. There is an arched doorway between the entry and the living room. I also thought of making the kitchen cabinets with roll-top covers so we can eat without seeing the dirty dishes. :)


Wil said...

Some things I like about it:

* gigantic pantry
* walk-in coat closet
* extra-wide linen closet
* windowless library

Not sure about:

* bathroom at end of pantry (though if you flipped the laundry room, they could share plumbing in the wall)
* sink(s?) too far from fridge
* fridge too far from entry points

(Suggestion: Put the fridge where the dishwasher is, and move the DW to the other side of the double sink.)

MamaOlive said...

Thanks, Wil, for the comment.
I didn't originally have the toilet in the pantry, but was convinced that we needed a third. I could put it at the entry to the pantry, but that would require a "hall" past it, wasting space.
Could easily flip the laundry.
I was trying to create "stations" in the kitchen (I've heard it's popular now, and anyway it makes sense with 3+ cooks in the house), but there are many ways to accomplish that. (Yes, I made 2 sinks.)