Monday, 8 August 2011


Why is it baptism but baptized? Seems like it would be s or z in both words.

I want to do this properly, but I see that several people have checked on the blog in the last couple of days, so better get something out there.

Today our church had a baptism, and Taryn, Naysha, and Riah were all baptized by Bob.

A brief how and why, because I understand that other churches do things differently.
How is easy - we have a small building, so no built-in pool. So we have an old-fashioned meeting on the river bank, and those giving and receiving baptism go out into the river. Today we had our regular meeting inside the church, sandwiches in the fellowship room, and then carpooled to a private river access about 8 miles away. There was a sermonette, a couple of hymns, and then into the water.

Bob says he's ready for bed, so the why will have to wait. I hope to get back tomorrow, but we have a lot planned already.


The HoJo's said...

Pretend you were a traditional English person for the day, then baptised would be correct :) Oxford and Cambridge dictionaries give both spellings as the American spelling is commonly used in UK.


Wil said...

Yes, both words used the "s", but Americans changed one of the words to the "z". I have no idea why they didn't change the other one. :-(

Shari, you know well my proclivity for wanting to "fix" American English. :-)

Personally, I think all instances of "s" that sound like "z" should be changed to "z" (and vice versa).

Ganeida said...

Ah well, American English drives me completely nuts anyway so what's one more oddity?