Sunday, 14 August 2011


Today was the parade, and official start of Madison County Fair.

Our 4-H club had agreed to do a float for the parade. We volunteered our trailer, and therefore became the principal players. For the last two weeks or so, another family has been coming over to help build the stage. The theme of the parade was "Hawaii" and we decided to do a memorial to the veterans of Pearl Harbor. What we ended up with was an aircraft carrier, with planes on deck and overhead, control tower with rotating satellite, and a backdrop of Hawaiian islands. Banners declared our club affiliation and our float purpose.

It was a lot of work for a few people, and the occasional feeling was hurt, but we pulled together in the end and got it done.

Our float was awarded second place, with the Boy Scouts coming in first (they had a tent and campfire - not sure what else). I got to drive the van, pulling the trailer; Elijah was in his seat, William rode with Bob in the Mini, and the other children were on the trailer. We waved and threw candy. It was fun, but slightly hot, and now it's over. We took some pictures; maybe I can get some from Bob in a day or two.


Anonymous said...

Lots of work, but hopefully some of the things learned -- working together for a common goal, melding of ideas, following through on a commitment -- will be carried forward to other projects of eternal value. And a parade is always fun. Looking forward to the pictures. mums

Wil said...

Wow. Sounds like fun! :-)