Saturday, 26 February 2011

Travelling without Bob...

... is much noisier. :-)
I took the children down to my parents' house for 2 days to attend a funeral. Bob stayed home to work, which meant I got to drive the van (3rd time ever!) inter-state. Being thus forced to pay more attention to goings on, I have decided Americans need to re-vamp the driver's test. Here are the suggested new questions:

1. The passing lane is best used for _____
a. passing a slower vehicle
b. slowly cruising, oblivious to the world around you
c.testing out your cruise control settings

2. The turn signal (indicator) is used for _____
a. signaling when and in what direction you intend to turn
b. keeping rhythm for your internal music
c. There's a signal?

3. The best way to distract the driver of your vehicle is ____
a. jump up and down in the rear-view mirror
b. make sudden loud noises
c. cry and whine
d. all of the above, simultaneously

4. The best way to freak out other drivers is to _____
a. weave across the lane markings right as they come even with you
b. constantly change speeds
c. drive with brights on

5. When the sign says "work zone - no passing" you should ____
a. hurry up and pass
b. slow down to match the traffic around you

6. Cell phones are for ____
a. music, texts, internet
b. talking it up
c. when you're not driving

7. When there's an accident in the other lane the best thing to do is ____
a. suddenly slam on the breaks in the hope of causing a matching accident
b. speed up to get through the mess as quickly as possible
c. slow down in case of emergency workers exiting the scene

And one thing I can't figure - why is it that cars with out-of-state licenses are always the ones speeding? Don't people know they are more likely to get a ticket when they are foreigners? Ever hear of "When in Rome, do as the Romans do?"
Anyway, we made it in spite of all the stupid people out there. Of course, I never made any mistakes. ;-)


Wil said...

Excellent suggestions for the new test. :-) Honestly, I'm surprised you attempted the drive with your crew of passengers; and impressed that you survived to write the blog. :-)

On a serious note, I do think the driver's test should be revamped, but also should be *recurring.* In other words, no more getting lucky on your test at 16 and then never taking it again. Every five years (or even every 10 years) would save a lot of accidents, I think.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. mums