Monday, 28 February 2011


I mentioned earlier that we went to a funeral. My family already knows that it was for my Uncle Elmo, my mom's brother-in-law. He was a home missionary to the deaf, and founded the church I attended as a small child. My mom's family is close, and Uncle Elmo asked to remain a part of it when his wife died 23 years ago. He had cancer for several years, so his passing wasn't unexpected, but still grievous. The timing was odd, as he died on the day of his mother's funeral. She was 101; he was 75.

At the family dinner before the funeral, an old friend teasingly asked how many of my children he could take home with him. I laughed him off, but Ella was listening and turned to him and said, "You can take Riah!" :-)

Traffic was the lightest I've ever seen on the highways between here and there, and I missed rain in all legs of the trip though there was flooding in Oklahoma City, and heavy rains here at home.

We recently got a wall calendar from for "free" - we paid about $5 for shipping - and it's pretty nice. I was able to choose pictures from our Flickr page and place them on the months of my choice. I chose a design I liked, typed in notes on significant dates, and paid with PayPal. It arrived in a sturdy flat box and is of decent quality.

My brother ordered some stuff through my Amazon widget, and it worked! His making one extra click that day (to come here first rather than go straight to them) made me $25. Thanks, Zane! Feelin' the love.


Anonymous said...

That's cool that the Amazon ad worked for you. The ad is very un-intrusive and not a distraction while reading your blog. mums

Wil said...

I'm glad you were able to attend the funeral. I was very torn about my decision to not make the trip; however, I had promised Marline to do several things during those few days -- things I could only do when she wasn't working and things that were necessary for our household and family.

I know my decision was nowhere near as difficult as Evan's decision to miss both his grandmothers' funerals in order to wait for his father's. I can't imagine going through all that in less than 12 months.

And I'm glad the Amazon widget worked. Marline and I will keep it in mind the next time we order through Amazon (which we do every few months).