Thursday, 17 February 2011

A little help from Sam's club

To give you all a shudder of horror, here is Bob's and my bedroom BEFORE we went to Sam's Club. This is how we were living. I didn't hang up the clothes for the picture, but I didn't get the next load from the couch either, so I think it's honest.

Then we bought the Total Closet Organizer, and tidied up a bit. Everything that was in the room is still in the room, plus the clothes from the couch. I didn't hide anything in the closet. :-)

The plan is to eventually move the bed out to the old storage room, and to make this whole room a closet for all the children (and maybe us, too). I'll have my cross trainer in the middle of the room, so I can work out and watch them hang up their clothes. But for now, we are happy to not be walking over boxes to get in bed.


Wil said...

Looks much better. And that would be a very nice-sized closet if you go that route...

Ganeida said...

Togetherness. At present most of my house looks like your top pic. I think my kids are territorial; they go round marking their territory by dropping stuff everywhere! lol