Thursday, 30 December 2010

in which I begin again

More to come, but today was one of THOSE days.

We had a plan. It was simple, really; get up and go shopping. But first I called the service department of Sears to come fix my brand new dryer. The over the phone diagnostic wasn't working, so they scheduled an appointment. In two weeks! Or, since it was less than 30 days since we picked it up, he suggested we could return it. Great. We couldn't find the receipt, and wanted to know if a replacement was in stock, so called the store. Except they aren't in the phone book (???!), and when I did get the number, it's long distance plus they don't open til 10am.

We managed to still be home at 10, so I called. The customer service guy who answered said the receipt wasn't a problem, but before I could ask about a replacement he transferred me to the appliance sales lady. She was with a customer but promised to call back. Finally (about 10:30) we got a call, but she hung up before I answered. By 11 we decided to go for it.

First stop lunch (of course!). Chick-fil-a was good but expensive. Then to Sears where the return guys were eager to whisk the old dryer away in exchange for a piece of paper, which we then took over to the appliance section. Only one person working today, and she was busy, so we waited. When she came to us she remembered the phone call, and said she'd called again after we left. She was rather put out that we'd brought the thing back in, saying she might have been able to get a tech out sooner, but that bridge was already burnt. So after an hour of paperwork and a conference with a couple of managers we went home with a cheap discontinued dryer on loan until our replacement arrives on Jan 8. We have an order for the new one labeled COD (cash on delivery) that is supposed to make it come sooner, but worries me a bit that they might forget we've already paid and they are supposed to cancel the COD and let us have the thing without paying. Anyway, I'm glad that I was able to stay calm and polite throughout the experience, and that it all finally worked out.
We remembered something else we needed while there, and bought what they had. I was pleased to learn upon checkout that it was half price.

After that we went to Sam's where I got some groceries and the children didn't break anything (that I know of). When we left, we forgot to get gas so had to turn around (not the easiest thing at that highway junction), and when we got back there were 4 cars in line at the diesel pumps. But two of them pulled out, and then the guy in front was done, so Bob pulled around (there are two pumps in each lane) and backed into the spot. But he backed too far and bumped into the guy behind us. The guy had a few choice words to share, but decided there was no damage so no problem.

On the way home we stopped at Sonic for dinner, where I forgot to order William's food, but they added it on with no trouble. There is a minor spill near the rear van door.

Bob was to preach tonight at church so we had to get home in time to find his Bible.

Hmm. On writing it down, it doesn't sound so bad! You have to add in the imagination: 7 excitable children, achy knees and fingers lifting a dryer, wet clothes draped across the living room, piles of boxes everywhere, worry and frustration... Speaking of which, we "lost" the new cat for about an hour. Not good on the nerves. She turned up sleeping behind a dresser.

So anyway, it's midnight-thirty. But I hope to get on tomorrow and do some short catch-up type posts to get this blog rolling again.


The HoJo's said...

Welcome back :o)

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, seven excitable children do make life interesting, nerve- racking, & fun! Welcome back to blogs ville. :) mums

Wil said...

Good to see you blogging again, and sorry to hear about the appliance trouble.

I guess Marline and I have been lucky so far (knock on wood) that all our new appliances are still functioning. :-)

Anonymous said...

If I were the cat, I'd get lost too, to avoid the seven exitable children, etc. ha ha. jcr