Sunday, 18 July 2010

comfy bed

For those who are looking for info on our house situation, we've hit another speed bump and I want to wait and tell the whole story in one go.

So for a diversion, I present the road to a comfy bed.

Last year Bob and I decided it was high time for a new mattress. Our old one wasn't terribly old, but we hadn't replaced the box springs, and it wore out quickly. So we went up to the BX furniture store and carefully selected a new mattress. I wrote about it at the time.
Anyway, we got home and set up our new bed and lie down and said "ow." It was much firmer than we anticipated from the display model. We figured it would take some time to get used to it.
My parents visited and they got the bed for a few weeks. It was some time after they left that I realized our bed frame was broken. So in desperation, I set the box springs directly on the floor and threw away the old frame. That, of course, made it that much more firm. But at least it was level.
Not long after that I had to do something, so bought an "egg crate" foam pad to put on top. It sort of helped. But I found that it made me sweat all night.
Finally we bought a new bed frame, but it's a modern "supportive" model, and wasn't any softer than the floor.
Then, this spring, we were checking the clearance section at the BXtra and saw a nice thick mattress pad on 75% off. It was a King size, and our bed is Queen, but we bought it anyway. Got it out and wrapped it around the bed, mattress pad, egg crate and all, and now, finally, we have a nice, soft, level bed. A year later.

And since it's 11pm here, I think I'll go make use of it for a few hours.


Wil said...

Glad you finally got the bed sorted out. We've finally learned that furniture never feels the same way at home as it did in the store... :-)

But a good bed is such an important part of lifelong health and enjoyment... For me anyway, no other luxury item can make me feel as nice as a great bed. :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree that a good comfy bed is a wonderful thing to have. Glad yours is better now. mums