Saturday, 10 July 2010


As none of my children read my blog, I feel like I can be honest here. We’ve said before that when Taryn was born, we didn’t believe there could ever be a girl as beautiful as she was. But then we had Naysha, and she was just as lovely. But what I’ve never told anyone but Bob is that when Riah was born, I didn’t believe I could love anybody as much as I loved him. He was my favorite. There, I said it. He just needed me so much! But fast forward a bit, and along came William. He opened up my heart. The funny thing is, he didn’t just become my new favorite, or my second favorite. Loving William has taught me that I can really love more than one person *that* much. Whenever I stop and get sentimental about him, I then go on to think of how special each child is. He is good for me.

And since I’m talking about William, let’s continue. He is everyone’s favorite, always ready with a grin and rarely being grumpy. I’ve mentioned before how he uses the word “wrong” a lot, but never actually gave an example. He doesn’t say “It’s wrong to take off my shoes in the car.” He says, “Take my shoes off in the car – wrong!” Sometimes this positive statement followed by a negative is a bit hard to follow.

William really likes cars. I’m tempted to say he loves them. Other children take a stuffed animal to bed; William takes a Hot Wheels car to bed. He happily watched an hour long Roy Rogers movie, and his favorite part was when the car went through a puddle. He wants cars for his birthday and on his cake. He says when he grows up he will work on cars, and paint cars.

William likes puzzles. We have a stack of the cardboard, framed puzzles, labeled “ages 3-8” and he has mastered each one. Ella struggles with them, and even the older ones have to think about doing one. He worked on an - don’t know what to call it – IQ puzzle this morning for over an hour. (The sort of puzzle with different shapes that fit together to make a square.)

William is good at other things too. While taking him potty the other day, Bob and I went through the alphabet with him, showing the sign for each letter as we said it. He got over half of the signs right on his first try, with no help. He’s also good for a laugh. When taking him potty another time, he said he’d peed, so I looked and said, “You didn’t pee; there are no drips.” So he checked between his legs and said, “That’s rude!”


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this; it makes me feel I know William a little better. I am so glad you are able to see and love the uniqueness of each of your children. mums

S.A.M. said...

Oh he sounds so adorable. He definately will do well in school. I can't wait to get to know him when you guys return. So I guess he'll have his 3rd birthday in America. I'm guessing he'll have a car shaped cake. Thanks for blogging this. :-)

Ganeida said...

You produce the most adorable children. Very unique & lovely. What's not to love?

Wil said...

Very cute stories. :-)