Tuesday, 13 July 2010

just thinking

It seems like we had an interesting weekend. Let me try to remember…. It was hot most of last week, getting up to 91*F on Friday. One evening we actually went to the commissary just because it is air conditioned.

Saturday we went driving. No A/C in the bus, but there is a breeze with the windows open. We didn’t have the map in the car for some reason, but by skill and cunning we managed to find Bressingham garden center again, and bought a wind chime. Then Bob took the children outside while I went back for ice cream. The cafĂ© was out of lumpy bumpy pie, so I just got everyone a cone from the freezer.

Sunday Bob slept in, in anticipation of 12 hour shifts this week, so no church. He did get up in time to think of having lunch at the “G” club, where we thought they served a brunch buffet until 1pm. Turns out it was a choice of breakfast a la cart menu, or the Sunday carvery. We went with the breakfast option, and while service was hit-or-miss, everyone got full for less than $30. Yeah, choc chip pancakes for $3!

It cooled off quite a bit, and today I was actually chilly in front of the open door. Yesterday was just perfect, and we walked around the square for a while.

Yesterday we had our “pre-move inspection” where a person from the moving company came out and wrote down all the stuff we will be packing. She politely suggested that they take 3 days to pack instead of the usual 2 days. What are you trying to say? We keep stuff – you never know when you’ll need it. As Riah’s birthday is the day before we had scheduled, we added the following Monday. So now we will pack Thursday, Friday, and finish up with the beds on Monday. Then Tuesday they’ll take our “Unaccompanied baggage” which is a small amount that can be air-freighted to our new home, and we’ll be in TLF until Friday, which is Bob’s “final out” and we’re off to London to catch a plane. Oh, that’s Sept 23 – Oct 1, by the way. I’m guessing I won’t have tons of computer time that week.

This week and next, Bob is in an exercise, working 5pm to 5am. Then the next Monday, the 26th, he goes to London for a sleep study. That Saturday we leave for our grand holiday. 3 weeks away from home! I made a list for Yorkshire, but still need to do Wales. Somehow we need to file for VA benefits, sign off on the Survivor Benefit Plan, tell the housing office we’re leaving, sign up for Tricare (insurance), sell the van, and buy a van in the States before we leave.
I must remember to take my vitamins.


S.A.M. said...

Goodness you have a lot to do before you move. Good Luck! Tricare is not bad insurance. I just wonder if the place you move to will have many Tricare providers.

MamaOlive said...

We will get to choose our version of Tricare. Prime gives a PCM that we see each time and have to get referrals to see anybody else. It costs the least but you have to be in the "network." If there are few or no network providers, we'll go with the "standard" option, where we'll pay a bit more for each visit, but can see practically any doctor.
Funny, I used to think retired military got free insurance. It is pretty cheap, I guess, but not free.
These last few months in, I'm learning more about the military than I ever did before.

Wil said...

"She politely suggested that they take 3 days to pack"