Saturday, 17 July 2010


Cedwryck is my second son. He was born when Riah was just 15 ½ months old, and still very much a baby. Cedwryck wasn’t an easy nurser like Riah had been; in fact, he gnawed at me more than anything. I let myself get dehydrated, and ended up with a kidney infection at 4 weeks post partum. It was somewhere in this time that I got pretty close to PPD, questioned the whole quiverfull premise, and was generally miserable. With all that going on, it took me some time to “bond” with Cedwryck, something I used to feel guilty about (which, of course, didn’t help any).

Thank Goodness, that stage didn’t last long. :- ) Cedwryck was my happiest baby (up to that point), and would often play until he fell asleep on his own – quite a change from the others. He gladly suffered through Riah’s abuses, including a few that left me wondering for his safety. He quickly grew into a bit of a clown, trying to tell jokes before he could really talk. If my other children are “normal” Ced would easily be labeled ADHD. He doesn’t sit still, and sometimes doesn’t sit at all. But he’s smart as a whip, has excellent listening skills, better fine motor skills than Riah or Naysha, and doesn’t show their dyslexic tendencies. Several times a day he will hug me (and Bob) and say “I love you!”

Cedwryck had a big day Thursday. He’d had a loose tooth for a couple of weeks, and it came out without pain or blood during lunch. Then after lunch we went outside and I took the training wheels off his bike. I had to steady him a few times, but he was riding on his own within the hour. He’s a wonderful example of a 5 year old boy and I’m proud he’s my son.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Cedwryck. Makes me know him better. :) mums

Ganeida said...

My computer crashes & you start doing these wonderful posts on your children. That is sooo not fair! ;P Catching up now.