Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Well, I’ve heard of Twinspeak – Ganeida can tell you more about that, but it’s a phenomenon where twins develop their own language (more or less) based on slang, mispronunciations, etc. In our family, all the children do this together, and I wanted to document it. So, words my children use and what they mean:

“Bursted in” - usually called “cutting in line,” but also refers to interrupting.

Play “Mark and Josh” - like make believe or playing house, but based on our real life cousins Mark and Josh. Except there are more of us than 2, so we also have Josh 2, Joshoo, and Dad Beauford.

“Ninny” – contraction of “not any”

“Wrong” – a Williamism to show his disapproval of the goings on. Vegetables are usually “wrong.”

“Blue guy” (or whatever color) – a man wearing a blue shirt.

“Naked” – any skin showing below knee or elbow

“Smoker” – cigarette

Wii terms:
“Bump” – known officially as the MotionPlus Accessory

“Bald-on-top-guy” – one of the Mii characters, who teaches boxing and is considered very tough.

“Trigger” – the nunchuck

I know there are many more, but that’s all I can come up with for now.

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Wil said...

I like "ninny." I see no reason to use three syllables if two will do the trick. (Though "none" can usually replace it.)

"Mark and Josh" got the biggest laugh from me. Reminds me of playing "Chris and Angie" when we were kids.