Saturday, 1 May 2010


Well, I shut my computer down a week ago, and from Sunday through Friday I read the entire New Testament.

It was refreshing to shut out all competing influences and just remember what's first. Result? Well, I clicked "hide" on Facebook pages for "Campaign for Liberty" and Ron Paul. Seems that Jesus and the Apostles were more concerned with personal holiness than fixing the world in general. Maybe I'm headed back to my teenager stance of supporting the Loyalists ... hmm, we'll see. ;-)

Today we hit some garage sales and then out to Audley End House. They've restored the stable block and this weekend is the grand opening. There was a demonstration from fife and drum corps and some riflemen, and Queen Victoria even drove up in a carriage. Good stuff. We wore jackets and got sunburned. ha.


Ganeida said...

☺ Nice to have you back. Sometimes we need to refresh our memory...

Wil said...

Interesting. I've had to quit watching the news -- I haven't seen or read any news for a couple of weeks now. And it feels good.

I just couldn't bear the stupidity anymore. (I'm referring here to the silly things "news" shows are doing in an apparent attempt to garner viewers, not to the news itself...)