Sunday, 23 May 2010

Big Day

Saturday was a big day. Naysha’s birthday party was 10am to 1pm, and then our neighbor’s birthday party was 2-4pm.

I want to do a nice big thing about it, but my allergies have woken up and the brain is not working properly. Plus I have to stop and sneeze every few seconds.

Umm, Naysha got crafts and a fairy Barbie and a tea set and a brand new CAMERA. The BX had the choice of Kodak EasyShare and Nikon CoolPix. I read some reviews and we went with the Nikon. A little more complicated, but much faster and sharper images. The neighbor’s party was at the skating rink and it was noisy but fun.

Then, to top it all, Elijah was standing beside the toy box and actually let go for a couple of seconds. He just made up his mind that he needed to do it, and kept working until he got it.

Grossness warning!

Today I was eating lunch at Taco Bell and coughed or something (don’t remember exactly what), and my nose felt kinda funny. Shortly thereafter I blew my nose and a piece of my burrito came out my nose. Then I did it again. I’ve heard of snorting milk or soda out your nose, but never a burrito! My nose still feels kinda funny. I think I’ll call for an appointment with the allergist tomorrow. It’s time to do something.


Ganeida said...

Crafts are excellent birthday gifts. You must just about be doing a birthday a month. ☺ If you're not it probably feels like it. lol

Wil said...

I've seen cereal come out the nose *with* milk before...

By the way, I think you'll be happy with the Nikon. Marline has her second Coolpix, and has loved both of them (we got the second one, because we'd given the first one to Mom, and then Marline missed it.) :-)