Monday, 4 January 2010

time flies when you're having fun

And "flime ties" when you're getting senile. :-)
Sorry it's been so long. I try not to be on the computer when Bob's around, which he has been last week.

Well, Bob was officially off work from Christmas Eve until today. But he had to check in on Monday, and Wednesday he had to go in for training.

Saturday was Cedwryck's birthday party, at the bowling center on Mildenhall. As the earliest time for a party was 12:30 - 2:30, and we normally eat lunch at 11, we planned to eat first and bowl after. So by 12:45 our guests had arrived, and we ordered the food. Children's meals were part of the party package, so that made up one order, and we ordered adult's meals separately. The adult meals were ready pretty quickly, and we waited for the children's food. The children were happy, and sat in their chairs and visited, so we never had to get any games going (which is a good thing, because I'm terrible at things like that). Then an employee came in to remind us that we had to be out of the room by 2:30. We knew that. I'm not sure exactly what was said... Maybe Bob said "We're still waiting for our food." The man said we should have been bowling. SO I told him we wanted to eat first, which is why we ordered right away when we got there. At this point we all check our watches, and it's 1:30. He was incredulous that we'd been waiting so long, and left. It was just a couple of minutes later when the food showed up.
The food was okay. The cake was great, if I say so myself, and the presents were just what he wanted. Then the bowling. Bob took charge, and I'm so glad he did. The boys had one lane and the girls had one lane. Most of the girls are older, so they kept up with themselves. Bob had to keep the boys going, while I visited with the other two mothers. We finally finished up about 4pm, just in time to see the sunset.

Yesterday we made it to church! We were late, as we didn't think of warming up the bus before it was time to go, and when we went to get in, the back door was frozen shut. So Bob started it up and we all went back inside for a while.

Today, Bob and I both had dentist appointments. He'd had one for awhile, and last week we called to get an appt for me. I guess they thought it would be nice for us to some in together, so they made my appt for 50 minutes after his. So we got there and thought we'd be polite and ignore the sign in the waiting room about not bringing children in unless they had an appointment. :-D They did some school work and watched the AFN cooking show. (That's Armed Forces Network - a TV station just for military folks.) About 10 minutes after Bob's scheduled appointment, they called him back for X-rays, and said they were behind and would get to him asap. Another 15 minutes and Bob started to worry about time overlap, as a cleaning is supposed to take 30 minutes. So they re-scheduled his cleaning, and just did the exam. Then it was my turn. Bob took the children to the commissary to buy his lunch while I went in. Got X-rays, and went to be cleaned. I told the airman that my gums and teeth were being sensitive, but she dug in anyway. After the first few winces, she asked if I wanted to reschedule for "upstairs," where I can be numbed up first. Since it's such a humbug to get to an appointment, I said to go ahead, just try to slow down a bit. Well, she hacked at me a little longer, and the dentist came in. He prodded gently (after I got the blood rinsed out of my mouth), said to keep on brushing and flossing like I have been (I have never heard that from a dentist before! No matter how much I brush, they always get onto me about something), and then he left. Now the fun was to begin. She got one tooth, and I was nearly crying. She stopped and said I needed to go upstairs; she wouldn't continue. Took my bib off, then gave me mouthwash, and handed me the vacuum thing to suck it out myself. Of course I missed, and a big splosh of Listerine and blood went all over my shirt. grr. Anyway, I was outta there! Called Bob and went to the bathroom to rinse my mouth again while waiting for him to come. He got back jsut as I was headed for the door; took us home, and went to work. 3 hours later and my mouth still hurts. I hope they wait a couple of days before calling to reschedule, because today I don't want to. And how will I convince the children to go? Not feeling it. And yet, it's free to do it here, so we really should get it over with.

What else? Ah, Bob finally got the headlights changed on the van, on his first full day off, but when we called about getting the MOT inspection, the garage was closed until Jan 4. That's right, all small shops are closed for 2 weeks at Christmas. Since the MOT expired Dec 31, and the road tax along with it, we can't drive the van now. We should be able to take it in without getting into trouble, as soon as we get a chance again. I hope.

Taryn's birthday is the 17th, and she wants a tea party at the community center, which I still need to call and see if they have a room open. Yikes.


Wil said...

"All small shops close for two weeks at Christmas."

And yet they won a World War...

I guess I take things for granted. I'm upset when stores aren't open 24 hours. :-)

MamaOlive said...

It is a little inconvenient, but this year I enjoyed the break. The worst part was when we tried to get a house in December, and we were told there was no point in trying to move in until after the new year. Which would be fine except the military moves a bunch of people over here in December, and we have to live somewhere in the meantime.
There are "24 hour" stores here, as you commented once on a picture of Tesco, but they have limited hours on Sunday, and are closed for holidays. Asda, the UK name for WalMart, was even closed on Boxing Day.

Ganeida said...

I like the shops shutting. ;P Really I do. It gives us all a breather. Chenges the focus. Everyone is entitled to down time & it is also scriptual in principal.

The HoJo's said...

I don't remember much being closed that long, I guess it varies from area to area although smaller businesses run by the owner are more likely to close for family time.
Did you know you can get the MOT done up to a month early and they still give you the full extra years cover, maybe better than struggling to get it done at the end of Dec.