Thursday, 28 January 2010


I just remembered that I left the trip hanging and didn't bring us home.

Anyway, we purposely meandered as much as possible on the way home, stopping at RAF Croughton for lunch at the bowling alley, and going by some giant WWII zeppelin hangers. We ran into some road construction, but still made it home before dinner at the BX, followed by some shopping. Got the boys some new pants/trousers. If we are going to keep us this idea of not being white trash, we can't let the boys out in knee-less jeans anymore.

So there, I made it home Monday night. For conclusions, Bob thinks the folks are friendlier at Fairford, and the food is arguably better, but Croughton is cheaper and more convenient for staying over. We think Cambridge is at least as nice as Oxford: the Park and Ride is easier to use, the market is the traditional outdoor kind, there is the river and the PARKS, and the big college cathedral is fancier, though Cambs is more crowded and there are too many bicycles in the pedestrian area. Windsor was overpriced, but we are glad to be able to say we went. The Cotswolds aren't as 'done up' in the winter, but you can get at them then. That is unsatisfactory as a closing statement, but I'm done.


Wil said...

Glad you made it back. :-)

My opinion: kneeless jeans don't make you "white trash" if you're a hard-playing little boy. It just makes you a boy. :-)

Adults wearing sweat pants and T-shirts to a restaurant *probably* makes one "white trash" though. :-)

MamaOlive said...

Well, holes are acceptable in the back yard, but not so much at Windsor Castle (at least to me). :-) I don't want to be slovenly.

The HoJo's said...

I think I would dress up to visit a castle, Queen or no Queen in residence :o) perhaps tiaras for the girls next time? ;o)