Thursday, 24 September 2009

Why not?

We decided to start Taryn on 5th grade today.
She had just done her 3rd quarter test on her 4th grade Math book, and I've been feeling the need to start some other subjects back up. (She'd finished Geography and Science eons ago, and Handwriting not too recently.) So I dug the school book box out of Bob's tool room this afternoon. There were two 5th grade Math books, a History, Health, Music, Art, and English (which I ignored). Brought it in and started looking. Knowing that Math overlaps quite a bit, I asked if she wanted to start the new one or finish the old, and she opted for the new. Then I let her choose which one. We'll go ahead with 3-4 grade Easy Grammar, but move on with Math and gradually add the others. Art will be on her own; I'm not sure what we can do with the music books. Science/Health will wait a bit as she's working on a Science Fair project for next month.

I'm also reading a college textbook on Small-Business Management to see if I can be Bob's manager when he's a famous photographer/graphic design artist.

Cedwryck just moved up a notch in his pre-school. He's sharp as a tack, but needs help standing still. Whenever he listens in on the older children's lessons, he's as likely to get it right as they are. But his fine motor skills need the practice of pre-school work.

I also got started looking at the Feingold Program, as mentioned on the Ship Full of Pirates blog. Sounds promising.

Yesterday something happened with my left knee, and I cannot put any weight on it when fully extended. I mean, I almost fell down when I tried to kick a balloon! But I can straighten it when seated. Today it is also sensitive to the touch, and doesn't like me to sit on my knees. I've put a cold pack on it a couple of times and that seems to help. It isn't swollen, compared to the right knee. >shrug<

Baby is moving a lot, still no name... I got the bed out, and washed all the clothes and blankets. 6 weeks to go...

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Ganeida said...

6 weeks & counting....That last month always seems the longest ever. Nearly there...