Friday, 25 September 2009

giveaway - no, not me

And I know most of you don't have babies, but anyway... Maybe a Christmas present if I don't win it???
What am I talking about?
KimC, over at InaShoe, is giving away a cloth diaper and diaper cover. see here:
If I blog about it, I get another chance to win. So I just did. :-)

Any opinions on cloth diapers in general? I know my parents tried some on my baby brother, but the leaked like a screen door on a submarine, and I've never given the idea much weight. Until I started reading Kim's blog. She's been loving cloth on her baby, and I wonder what the deal is. Might be worth a try...


Anonymous said...

Got me to thinking how my blessed mother ever made it washing out dirty diapers in the dead of winter with no running water, no toilet and only wood heat. Probably doing it for two children at a time. I don't suppose I knew about disposable (not) diapers until we were all grown up.jc

Wil said...

Shari, I was a cloth-diaper baby, at least part of the time.

But you're right about our "little" brother. They were NOT the solution for him, LOL.