Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Besides the daily challenges of doing enough work and getting enough sleep, we've added a few special ones lately.

First of, Bob got to thinking about our future, and how much retirement pay he'll actually get, and we decided on an experiment. Since it's getting past the tourist season (esp. with the baby coming), we thought we'd try living on our retirement pay. As it is, our house, water, trash, and electric are paid for, so it could be much worse. I don't know if it's socially acceptable to put a dollar figure on it, but I like concrete examples so I have to assume other people do, too. Lately we've been taking home about $2000 twice a month (it varies depending on the Cost of Living Allowance). At retirement level pay (assuming no promotions) it will drop to $1000 per month. That's quite a drop! So we're trying to see if we can get by (groceries, clothes, gas, insurance, household stuff) on $1000. Housing will have to come out of savings or whatever job Bob will get (or, if he goes to college, he gets a housing allowance).
So far, I've chosen to cook rather than eat out several times (where I wouldn't have last month), but I still bought ice cream and granola bars when I went for groceries. And I didn't go to the Scholastic book fair last night.
While we may not be doing any traveling for a couple of months, it is birthday season (Riah, William, me, new baby, and Bob all before Christmas). Also the holidays, the semi-annual case lot sale at the commissary, and the bazaars that come with the holidays around here - the first will be next weekend. But we'll give it a go.

Another little challenge: Strep throat in two children so far. I'm a little hoarse this morning, but I'll pretend it's something else.

Then there's the getting serious about school again.

Of course the pregnancy becoming all-consuming, and then a baby before we know it.

And Ella is on the potty train. 3 diapers in 2 days just came apart on her, and I called their bluff. We haven't even got underwear for her yet (she's wearing Naysha's), but I won't put a diaper on her when she is awake and home. This might help out with challenge #1, but it is another level of stress in my day.

Not that I'm looking for sympathy, really. Just trying to wrap my mind around all that is going on. We've always done things in spurts and it usually works out.

Oh, and I posted on Facebook, but two nights ago the boys were playing in their room and broke a CFL (compact fluorescent lightbulb). You may or may not know that they are full of mercury, and therefore not to be taken lightly. I tied a rag around my face, wore shoes, and cleaned everything in the room. Left the door closed and the window open, and had the boys sleep in the "den" that night. Beyond that I just have to trust God. If I didn't know it had mercury in it, I wouldn't have done anything special, you know? The packages should come with warnings.

I guess that's it for this week. :-)


Ganeida said...

Um, yeah. I hate budgeting but your a left~brainer so you probably like it. lol ☺ I don't know how you do anything else when you're pregnant; I used to find growing a baby all~consuming.

MamaOlive said...

LOL. I don't mind seeing what I can come up with. I should have added that we had been putting $1000 (recently upped to $1500)per month into savings anyway, so it wasn't as big a shock as it sounds.

I am all over the place with this baby. I sit for 20 minutes, then have to get up or lay down. And every time I move I have to go to the toilet. Now that it's cooling off, I'm hot all the time... But I see the light at the end now so it's all manageable.

Anonymous said...

I can't live on $1,000 a month and there is only one of me with two small dogs; house and car paid in full. jc

The HoJo's said...

I suspect that the broken glass is more dangerous than the minute amount of mercury, particularly if the bulb has been in use, the amount of mercury present decreases over time.

They aren't terribly economic in rooms where the light is on and off a lot but are good in rooms where the switch is left alone a lot