Sunday, 5 July 2009


Just some random thoughts.

1. I was raised in a more-or-less pentecostal church. We believe the gifts are for today. We sing choruses, we don't follow a liturgy, we clap. We sing about dancing, but seldom do it. As a young person, I'd occasionally lift my feet off the floor, and a few others would, too. But I never saw the "old" people get excited. Other than a fiery preacher, I never saw an 'old' person get terribly emotional about the whole thing. (Using "never" loosely here, I'm sure it must have happened once or twice.)

2. I had a friend who did "liturgical dancing" as a special in church. She believed that dancing ought to be done skillfully and orderly.

3. I've been to churches that have a dance team, with streamers or banners, and choreographed movements. It always seems strange and distracting to me.

4. In our current church, the young people get excited but don't approach dancing. My age group will maybe bounce up and down a little. But there are 2-4 "old" people - mid 60's to 70's - who actually get out in the isle. It blesses my socks off.

5. Talked to Bob about it after church, and he said it was the old people who danced in his childhood church. I wonder if that was part of the problem at my childhood church.

Anyone have thoughts to share on dancing?

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Ganeida said...

I have a cousin who has a dance ministry & our supervisor is a dance ministry team leader. hm. I know it's biblical. David was in trouble with his wife for getting a little overexcited dancing before the Lord & displaying something better not displayed. She thought he was being undignified but the Lord took a dim view of her outrage. The closest I get is a bit of a sway up, Rarely bounce but I'm a pacifist. It's hard work dancing. I could see Ditz doing that though. Variety makes the world go round.